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We are here to offer you a personalized experience & real, timeless art that transcends the trendy 'shoot and run" fad. we promise to provide heirloom portraits that even your grandchildren will cherish for generations to come.





The big reveal

the portrait session


The Consultation

When your pieces are fully crafted (typically 4-6 weeks later), we will hand deliver and/or install your family's heirlooms.

About 1-2 weeks following the portrait session, you will be invited to the studio to view your portraits choose from the art design ideas we created specifically for your home.

We will meet you in the comfort of your home to plan ideas for your art & start the design process.

Sessions are quick & easy for the whole family. We promise you'll walk away feeling joyful, glamorous, & stress-free!

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Yes, we have a carefully curated studio wardrobe for our clients to borrow during their session. Our studio wardrobe is packed full of items that are intentionally chosen for their ability to photograph well, and help you look your best (who doesn't love slimming lines and elegant, classic pieces?). We have sizes for the whole family (I really mean it!), and we will help guide you through the process of picking coordinating attire that will look great on you and great in your home!

is wardrobe included?



Yes, we've got you covered! Our beauty professional even travels to us --- be it in the studio or on location! Sarah will provide you with a hair style of your choice, airbrush foundation, optional false lashes, highlighting & contouring, and lip color. She will even pamper your daughter with our "Princess Treatment" using a light-colored lip-gloss and translucent blush.

is hair & make-up included?



Please trust us, we are child wrangling experts, and we LOVE children of all ages! We do not believe in "bad children," and strive to meet your children where they are.

Elizabeth has a music education degree and is certified to teach K-12 music as well as early childhood music. Through her years and experience as a teacher, she has many tips and tricks up her sleeve when it comes to interacting with children. Rest assured, she has a game, song, or activity that will entrance even the wildest of little ones (teenagers included)!

There is no forced posing in our studio; we thrive on wholesome & organic fun!

my children sometimes behave in unexpected ways. what should i do to prepare them for our family's session?



i do not know how to pose, can you help?

Absolutely! As a professional portrait photographer, my expertise lies in knowing exactly what will look best from behind the lens. My portrait studio is set up with both natural light and studio lighting, and I have the knowledge to know when and how to use each medium to best enhance your natural beauty. Trust me to find the creamiest light and capture your best angles.

During your portrait session, I will come prepared with many years' worth of posing experience, but I will also leave plenty of time for candid and un-posed snapshots of fun! Be prepared to let loose, laugh, and enjoy this time! The most important thing my models can bring to their session is confidence and the willingness to experience joy.



The honest truth is, maybe. We specialize in putting art up on your walls, and have found that most of our clients prefer to avoid hanging photos of their home in their home. We also want to make sure that we are able to emulate the style of the photos you've seen in our portfolio, and to do that, a lot of factors need to be considered. We ask that you send photos of your home or grounds ahead of time so we can assess the little details, and make sure we'll be able to provide you a full gallery of portraits that you'll truly cherish.

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I recommend clients book their portrait sessions at least 1-2 months in advance to ensure proper time for planning and acquiring any wardrobe items we might want to purchase specifically for your session. I limit sessions to 8 per month to provide each client our special ALJ experience. Clients can contact me for a shoot within a shorter time frame to see if I have any last-minute cancellations or openings during the week. However, it is highly recommended to reserve your time with me earlier.

how far in advance should I book my session?



We are located in Rice Military near TC Jester and Washington. We love inviting you to the studio, or hosting your family in one of our favorite, secret Houston outdoor locations.

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