I have always been mesmerized by photos lovingly hung in people’s homes. Gazing at them, I see artistic elegance, captivating mystery, and timeless beauty. This is the art. I am passionate about: creating heirloom portraiture that will last beyond a lifetime.

The Experience



The journey from start to custom displayed art is unique to each and every one of my clients. It begins with a phone call. With timeless and elegant design in mind, we will discuss your personal style. This will include talking about colors, fabrics, designs, and aesthetics, photo locations, your art display space and any ideas you are passionate about. We will also discuss some of the art designs I offer for your home, so I can capture images in a style that will match your space. At this point, we will make it official, and I will collect your session fee in order to hold your session date.




During your photo session, I will come prepared with many years’ worth of posing experience, but I will also leave plenty of time for candid and un-posed snapshots of fun. Be prepared to let loose, laugh, and enjoy this time! Trust me to find the creamiest light and capture your best angles. In my opinion, the most important thing my models can bring to their session is confidence and the willingness to experience joy.



The Big Reveal

The most exciting part of our journey together will be the big reveal! We will meet back at my studio or in the comfort of your home to unveil your fully edited and retouched images. I will come with ideas designed specifically for you and your home in the style we initially discussed. We will find the right package for your family at this time, and I will be available in person for any questions you might have.


I am here to offer you a personalized experience and real, timeless art that transcends the trendy ‘shoot and run’ fad. I promise to give you heirloom portraits that even your grandchildren will cherish for generations to come.

/  Elizabeth Marie  /