What sets us apart?

Professional Strobe flash

luxury vinyl

Parisian Paneling

Our giant 86" plume offers the softest strobe lighting in the industry. Typically used for newborns & milestone sessions, it also gives us peace of mind to know there's always gorgeous artificial lighting available for those extra cloudy days.

We intentionally chose a gorgeous and indestructible luxury vinyl to cover the floor space in our Plymouth photo studio in order to make a space welcome to the rowdiest of toddlers and fur-babies. Cake smashes, milk baths, and long pup nails are no match for this space! Bring on all the fun!

We are obsessed with the rich texture our Parisian paneling adds to our studio walls. Choose from this look or our classic white wall background for your family's portraits.

On-site parking, bathroom & vanity

play space

South facing windows

Not only do we have an entire room dedicated to our studio wardrobe, we also can guarantee to have on-site parking available at all times as well as access to a bathroom.

We also have a dedicated vanity space for women to get ready equipped with curling irons, hair products, and other beautification tools.

When your toddlers and older kiddos are not needed for the session (for example: during your three hour long newborn session), they are welcome to play in our playroom. It has books, musical instruments, and all sorts of toys to explore.

Bonus: we leave it fully blown up at all times, so you don't need to worry about policing your littles on the day of your session.

We searched and searched until we found the perfect space with 3 enormous south-facing windows. In plain-English, this translates to having incredible bright light in our photo studio all day long. I literally mean all day.

This (important but often overlooked) detail ensures that come rain or shine, we have consistent natural light flowing in 365 days of the year.