Life Through My Mother’s Eyes

As a girl, my Mother diligently kept photo albums for my brother and me throughout our entire childhood. Year after year, she captured the moments, and kept them safely protected and treasured in albums that grew in numbers as we did.

As I got older, I started requesting that she bring the albums out to share with any family and friends who were visiting. We would then sit, for hours, laughing and reminiscing over happy childhood memories. I loved seeing my brother and I in photos as we changed throughout the years. I loved that the photos evoked feelings and memories from the cherished snapshots of my life. I loved that I had tangible proof of my happiness as a child, and that I could share my happiness proudly with anyone who would allow me to gush over my childhood photo albums.  

This tradition became a special bonding time for my Mom and me. The photos would often bring up memories from a particular year in my life, and lead to the telling of silly or heartwarming tales of my youth. These albums were a gateway into seeing my life as told through my Mother’s eyes. I was always hungry to hear more and more of her tales, and with each showing of the albums, the anticipation of new stories always had my heart beating with joy and excitement.

The older I get, the more I cherish these memories, our photos together, and the albums that keep my childhood memories safe. I am grateful for the opportunity they gave me to share something so special with my Mother.

Now that I’m officially grown, and living across the country from my parents, I find these albums brings me solace when I’m far away from home and feeling rather homesick. Although I’m not near enough to give my Mom a hug, the albums she kept for me are a constant reminder of her love for me.

(For those of you living close to your Moms, please go give them a hug for me!)

So here I am, while it’s storming like crazy outside, reminiscing and being reminded of why I do what I do. I believe in art that is tangible. I believe in photos telling your story for years to come. I believe in the power of memories to bring families and loved ones together. Print. Your. Art.

Until next time,


Mom and me, Thanksgiving, 2017

Mom and me, Thanksgiving, 2017