lover of tiny humans and ardent beauty creator

hi, I'm Elizabeth

I capture life's milestones with elegance and sophistication. My artistic expression is imaginative, yet natural. I adore soft textures, effervescent light, and statuesque shapes in photographic design.

I promise to make your experience lavish & easy from start to finish, so you have more time to get back to actually living in the sweet, fleeting moments of family life.

An interview

with the artist


how many years have you been a professional photographer?


how do others describe you?

Patient, organized & effervescent


what's your favorite age to photograph?



St. Johns, Michigan, home of the Uncle Johns Cider Mill, IYKYK


do you have tiny humans of your own?


what about fur babies?

We have a calm & sweet chihuahua mix named Benford whom we rescued in 2022.


What do you do when you have time to yourself?


guilty pleasure?

Sea salt dark chocolate


why did you move your studio to minnesota?




your background is in music? why did you switch careers?

the full story

I am the daughter of an elementary school music teacher, the granddaughter of a legendary Detroit band director, and the great-granddaughter of an Italian opera singer. Music has been and always will be in my blood.

Given my family’s musical legacy, pursing a path in music was inevitable. I went off to music school with a little bit of talent and a whole lot of dreams. In school, I was known as "that singer with a camera." Musicians are always in need of head shots for auditions or promotional photos for websites & recitals, so I stayed busy honing my photography skills throughout college & grad school.

After grad school, I decided I wanted to move to a big city where I would have more opportunities to audition for opera houses, and where I could immerse myself in a local classical music scene. Houston, TX fit the bill, so I flew south hoping to catch my big break.

Once in Texas, I found myself in need of a job to do between auditions and gigs. I stumbled upon Bella Baby Photography, a franchise specializing in “fresh 48” style newborn photography. I landed the job at the biggest children’s hospital in Houston, and I got to hone a new skill set photographing day-old peanuts. I literally saw 8-12 babies a day, 5 days a week, and continued this work for 3 years. Y’all, on average, that means I’ve photographed at least 7,000 babies. I LOVED it, and loved learning all the secret tricks to being a baby whisperer from my colleagues and nurse friends at Texas Children’s Hospital.

The first summer after a year of Houston auditions and a year of newborn photography, I came up against a big decision. I had a gig offer with Pittsburgh Opera Company for the summer, but it meant that I was going to have to miss the fifth and final milestone session for three different families. These clients had hired me outside of the hospital after their newborn session with me, and we built an incredibly special connection over the course of their babies’ first years.

I have a vivid memory of staring at the offer email, choosing photography & my community over opera, and never looking back.

A Little Joy Photography morphed and blossomed in the seven years I spent in Houston. I grew out of my job at Bella Baby Photography after a few years and branched out on my own. I had the incredible privilege of building out my own studio, which meant I could create an experience that was unique to me and fully crafted in my own style. I cultivated my studio wardrobe & prop collection with hundreds of pretty pieces for Moms, Dads, kids & newborns, because I wanted to make sure busy parents weren’t stressing at the last minute to get organized. My many years of working with families taught me that when parents are relaxed, the kiddos follow suite, and I am able to capture authentic joy. Above all, my goal was to create an experience that felt lavish, easy & personalized from start to finish, so clients could walk away not only with a gorgeous gallery of images, but also with wonderful memories to cherish for years to come.

This year marks my 15th year as a photographer, my 8th year as a specialist in newborn & family photography, and my 5th year as the proud small business owner of A Little Joy Photography.

While I sometimes miss the stage, music remains a constant in my life. When you hear me humming a lullaby to your newborn or see me entertaining your toddler with a tune on my ukulele, it’s my way of sharing a special part of my past.